TotalChoice Mortgage Hires Tom Ambrozic as National Recruiter

TotalChoice Mortgage Hires Tom Ambrozic as National Recruiter

Columbus, Ohio January 2nd, 2018– TotalChoice Mortgage, a division of Hometown Lenders, Inc. (NMLS# 65084) announced the hiring of Tom Ambrozic as the National Recruiter. Ambrozic is a leading national recruiter with over 20 years in the mortgage industry with valuable experience in recruitment, divisional management, and operations.

Ambrozic will be spearheading recruitment efforts, specifically in the areas of developing a corporate recruiting strategy, directly engaging with branch and executive management teams on hiring needs and recruiting top talent with the key objective of driving mortgage loan origination volume.

“I am thrilled to have Tom Abrozic join the TotalChoice family,” said Michael Farrell, Divisional Manager of TotalChoice Mortgage. “His skills and extensive expertise in the industry will propel our goals and objectives to the next level. Having known Tom for many years I have seen first-hand his commitment, talent and motivation produce outstanding results. His skill set will be the bridge for recruiting the right individuals to provide the best, first in class experience for our customers,” added Farrell.

Previously, Ambrozic led recruiting as a consultant for top mortgage companies, including American Financial Network, Affinity Lending Solutions and SecurityNational Mortgage Company. His commitment to working for only TotalChoice Mortgage shows strength for the division’s future performance. Earlier this year, the division was tasked with bolstering the company’s existing production by acquiring top loan originators and high producing branches throughout the nation.

Tom Ambrozic stated, “The decision to join TotalChoice was an easy one. After independently working with Mike Farrell for years, I have come to realize we are like minded individuals with strong work ethic and a respect for his fellow man/woman. The company speaks for itself with high integrity, strong culture and their value on transparency.”

Effectively, Ambrozic will start identifying potential recruits in areas of Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, California, and Arizona. Ambrozic plans on recruiting two loan officers and two branches by the end of Q1 2019. By the end of 2019, the division seeks to retain a total of 24 loan officers with a collective production of $30 million per month by the end of the year.

For career opportunities at TotalChoice Mortgage, contact Tom Ambrozic at (614) 943-3133.




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