About Us

We’re Built to Exceed

We’re Total Choice Mortgage, a division of Hometown Lenders, Inc.  Our goal is  very simple:  We want to be more than just a mortgage lender, and that’s why we’ve built our entire platform to simply exceed beyond what’s expected. Every business decision we make is centered around our customer’s in mind. We’re proactively listening and finding the best mortgage solution, delivering a unique experience, and going above and beyond what’s expected from our customers. 

Our Mission

To become a winning brand in the mortgage industry by driving a culture of customer-centricity through every phase of the mortgage process.

Our Vision

It’s simple – our vision is to create an exceeding mortgage experience for our customers. Every business decision we make is centered around our biggest asset, our customers.

Our Five Star Values

Customer focused leadership

We only believe in employing and promoting leaders who are laser-focused on building and preserving business decisions that make the consumer experience exceptional. We empower our leaders to make operational decisions and build a culture of customer-centric organization.

Empowering the front-line

Everyone is encouraged and empowered to share ideas or suggest process improvement that makes the customer experience even better. No ideas are bad ideas – we listen, we plan, we implement, and measure shared ideas.

Designing the Experience

From technology to redefining the loan process, everything we do is designed around creating an exceeding experience for our customers. Every decision we make must encompass how it impacts our most value asset – our customers. We design our experience from the awareness stage, through the purchasing process, and post-purchase process.

Building a Positive Team

Our strategy is simple and it’s based on putting our customers first which is at the core of our business model. We can only achieve this culture if our employees are truly passionate and love helping our customers obtain a mortgage. We work together as a team, cheer each other on, praise positive results, and create a work environment that we love.

Power of Giving

We are a responsible and active member in the communities in where we do business. We invest in our employees to explore, be involved, identify areas they passionately believe in, and commit time to make a difference. Sharing our knowledge in the mortgage industry and reaching out to our community is the power of giving. The power of giving allows us to build a better community and a place to call home.

Our core value is simple: To create an exceeding mortgage experience for our customers.

Meet our leaders

Meet the drivers our of customer-centric culture. Our humble leaders put our employees and customers first, and continuously finding ways to make the brand’s experience even better. Get to know our leadership team!

Join our winning team

If you’re just as passionate as we are in delivering an exceeding experience,  you’ve found yourself a forever home! Find out why our employees are excited to go above & beyond by applying today!