Thinking about refinancing your house?

Refinancing can be a great option to lower your interest rate, get cash-out to pay for upcoming expenses, or reduce the number of years you owe on your home. Talk to a mortgage specialist today and find out if refinancing makes sense for you! 

What type of refinance fits your needs?

There are various types of refinancing options to choose from. Take a look and see what fits your needs. When you’re ready, just start an application with us!

All applications are subject to underwriting guidelines and approval. Not all programs available in all areas. Other restrictions may apply. All programs are subject to change without prior notice. Not all applicants will qualify. 

I want a lower interest rate

Refinancing into a lower rate could potentially reduce your mortgage payment. If you’re looking to lower your mortgage payment, extending the number of years left on your mortgage through refinancing may be a good option. Depending on your goals, there are various ways to restructure your existing loan. You’ll need to make sure there is a net tangible benefit for you. Consult with one of our licensed loan officers to see if refinancing into a lower rate or extending your term makes sense for you. 

I'm curious about a VA or FHA Streamline

Do you have a current FHA or VA Streamline? FHA or VA Streamline allows you to lower your mortgage payment and/or interest rate, remove a borrower from the loan, or reduce your mortgage insurance premium (MIP). Here are some benefits of a streamline loan: 

  • May not require an appraisal 
  • Limited documentation required
  • Typically a quicker turn-time than a traditional refinance 
I want to pay off debt

If you’re looking to pay off unwanted debt, a debt consolidation through refinancing may be economical for you.  If you have equity in your home, you could roll your debt into your mortgage, which could reduce your overall monthly payment and interest rate payout over the years. With the money you save each month, apply it towards your principal payment to pay off your mortgage quicker. 

I want to renovate my house

Does your home need repairs or updates? 203K refinance is a great option to pay for the work needed on your home into one loan. You can use the equity in your home to pay for repairs or updates, and we’ll refinance your work into one mortgage. In most cases, a mortgage interest rate is significantly lower than a credit card or personal loan. You  can also deduct your mortgage interest rate on your taxes as an added benefit. There are many requirements to this loan,  so we recommend you to speak with one of our loan officers to determine if this is the right loan for you! 


I'm looking to pay off my mortgage faster

If your goals are to pay off your mortgage sooner, refinancing is a great option. You can refinance into a lower term, or reduce your monthly payments by putting the money you save each month towards your principal. Choose from a variety of terms including: 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. Talk to one of our loan officers today and find out how you can pay off your mortgage faster and become mortgage-free! 

I want to take cash-out

Do you have upcoming expenses or looking to pay off your debt? Cash-out refinancing allows you to borrower money against the equity you have in your home. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you currently owe $200,000 on your existing mortgage and you want to borrow $30,000. Your new mortgage would be $230,000 (plus any costs associated with refinancing). On the up-side, you can write off the interest you pay on your taxes and typically, interest rates for a mortgage loan is much less than what you would get on a credit card or a persona loan. Ask your mortgage loan officer today to see how much cash you can take out against your home’s equity. 

I want to learn about Reverse Mortgage

A  reverse mortgage allows homeowners, 62 years or older to exchange the equity in the home into cash. This loan was geared for retirees with fixed or limited income to pay for monthly expenses, but it’s up to you on how you’d like to spend the money you take out. Unlike a traditional mortgage where you would make a mortgage payment to the lender, the lender will make monthly payments to you. 

You’re not required to make pay back the mortgage until the home is sold or vacated. As long as you live in the house, you will not need to make a monthly payment on your loan. There are requirements and you’ll want to fully understand the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage. Consult with one of our reverse mortgage specialists to determine if this loan is right for you. 

Which option is the best for me? Start an application to find out.

Hear our customer’s home refinancing story

Don’t take our word for it. Hear true refinancing stories from some of our past clients. If you like what they have to say, give us a shot and start an application!

Matthew Shields and his team were very helpful and worked very quickly to get my refi done in a timely manor. His team also very helpful in questions and concerns that I had as this was my very first refi.


Columbus, Ohio

Through out the whole process Theresa Dmitruk was there to help. I was provided a rate an all my options within an hour of our initial conversation. Theresa answered all of my questions and concerns I had advising me of the best option to fit my needs. When I had questions during the closing she was able to provide me with answers and assure me everything was progressing properly.


Lakewood, Ohio

Robert did a great job helping my wife and I decided on the best mortgage for us. Made the process easy from previous approval to close. Would work with him again if needed to refinance or buy another property.

Jessica R.

Columbus, Ohio